College Baseball Programs With The Best Social Media Accounts

Are you an avid college baseball fan? If you are, you probably already follow your favorite teams on social media, and if not you should! Many social media accounts for college baseball programs will keep followers up to date on the latest news, stats, and other entertainment. Teams are using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to publish content for their baseball program. 

Social Media Accounts 

Pretty much every college baseball program has some form of social media account. Some college baseball programs have much larger followings than others, it’s all based on the content the team puts out and the size of their fan base. Many Division 1 baseball teams get more recognition and have more resources than other divisions, therefore having larger followings on social media. 

Which Platform to Use 

The three different platforms most frequently used by college baseball programs include: 

  1. Twitter 
  2. Instagram 
  3. Facebook 

Twitter has been the best platform to use for interaction followed by Instagram and Facebook. Most college baseball programs will post similar content across all their social media platforms for their followers who only use or prefer certain platforms, so everyone sees the same content. 

Creating a Successful Social Media Account 

To capture an audience and a following on social media college baseball programs should create a consistent flow of content. This includes posting regularly on all platforms with visual content, highlights, game updates, and connecting with fans. 

Each college baseball program’s social media accounts are also a way for a team to market and promote their program. Many recruits will look at the social media accounts for prospective teams they are interested in. The social media accounts can give insight into what life would be like playing for that team, so show your best qualities! 

Best College Baseball Social Media Accounts 

In this blog, we will highlight some of the best college baseball programs you should start following on social media now! Here is a list of the college baseball programs with the best social media accounts:

  • Vanderbilt University 
  • Louisiana State University 
  • University of Arkansas 
  • Mississippi State University 
  • University of Nebraska 
  • Stanford University 
  • Texas Christian University 
  • University of Michigan 
  • Duke University

Vanderbilt University 

Vanderbilt is known in Division 1 college baseball and has seen many years of success, making 15 straight NCAA tournaments, 5 College World Series appearances, and being national champions in 2014 and 2019. 

With their success, they have accumulated a large fan base and following on their social media accounts @Vandyboys with: 

Vanderbilt varies their posts to include photos from warmups, to game days, to practice. They also like to include videos, most of which are clips edited together with background music. The videos all look professionally edited with high quality and cinematic effects. 

In addition to posting typical photos and videos on social media, Vanderbilt’s baseball program also prioritizes engaging with its fans. Some of their social media posts include photos and videos of fans and players signing autographs. 

Louisiana State University 

Louisiana State University is a powerhouse in athletics, including its baseball program who is a 6 time NCAA national champion. Their social media accounts @LSUbaseball include:

Most of Louisiana State’s Twitter and Facebook pages have similar content, with their Instagram looking a bit different. The majority of the team’s content is posted to Twitter and Facebook, as you can see these are their most followed pages. They post videos, photos for game days, updates about events and accomplishments, and more. 

The team still uses Instagram to post videos, photos, reels, and occasionally IGTV videos. They like to use their Instagram stories to engage with fans like doing question and answer posts. 

University of Arkansas 

The University of Arkansas finished 1st overall in the NCAA Division 1 college rankings for the 2021 baseball season, their social media @RazorbackBSB include:

The Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team has a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram with clean white borders along all of their photos. They keep it simple with their Instagram posting mostly photos and including some videos for reels and IGTV videos. Their stories are used to share updates on events and accomplishments from players, each is edited to match the rest of their pages giving it a fresh and clean look. 

Their Twitter and Facebook are where they are more active with updating on events, stories, engaging with fans, and sharing what’s currently happening with the team. 

Mississippi State University 

Mississippi State University has also found success in NCAA Division 1 baseball with 12 appearances in the College World Series, including competing in the College World Series Finals in 2021. Their social media accounts @HailStateBB include:

Mississippi State University’s baseball team focuses their social media on in-game graphics and video highlights, showing off their best plays. They are able to capture the emotion and excitement in their videos to make you feel like you are actually at the game while watching them.

They also follow what most other teams do by posting about the events going on, the accomplishments of their players, and engaging with fans throughout the season. 

University of Nebraska 

The University of Nebraska has built a strong fanbase and success in NCAA Division 1 baseball with eighteen 40-win seasons. Their social media @Husker_Baseball includes:

The University of Nebraska baseball program has created a community around their team and focuses on engaging with their fans. They use their social media like most other teams to put out content related to what is going on with their team, the accomplishments, events, and stories. Something unique about their social media is they add graphics to some of their photos when they edit them to make them more appealing and stand out from their other photos. 

Stanford University 

Stanford University is a well-known rigorous academic school and has established itself in athletics as well. The Stanford University baseball team has made 17 College World Series appearances with 2 national titles. Their social media @stanfordbsb include: 

The social media accounts for Stanford are filled with game highlights showcasing their best plays and moments as a team. They include the usual photos, videos, and shoutouts for accomplishments and events. 

They continue to post live updates on Twitter for their games keeping fans in the loop for what’s going on if some aren’t able to attend or watch. 

Texas Christian University 

Texas Christian University baseball program has participated in 5 College World Series, their social media accounts @TCUbaseball include:

Texas Christian University’s social media accounts focus on all aspects of the baseball program ranging from games, practices, to everything happening behind the scenes. 

Their Instagram account has a very clean and organized look keeping things the same throughout the page. They have made it easy for their followers to navigate and engage with. 

Their Facebook account is similar to their Twitter in terms of what they post. They are most active on Twitter where they have the most followers. They have multiple posts showing players engaging with fans and promoting their message to inspire the next generation of young baseball players. This is something that makes their program unique and the team is able to connect with the community and their fans. 

University of Michigan 

The University of Michigan baseball program has had 8 College World Series appearances including 2 national titles. Their social media accounts @umichbaseball include:

The University of Michigan baseball program keeps its social media fun and light-hearted. Doing the usual of posting game updates, highlight videos, photos, accomplishments of their players, interviews, and engaging with their fans. 

Duke University  

Duke University has had six appearances at the NCAA Division 1 baseball tournament and 3 appearances in the College World Series. Their social media @DukeBASE includes: 

Something unique Duke University’s baseball program excels at with their social media accounts is they post IGTV videos on Instagram of cinematic recaps of their games. They combine highlight clips from the game to showcase the most exciting plays from the game. This is perfect for fans and followers who maybe weren’t able to watch the game and want to see the best plays or someone who was at the game and wants to relive and watch the best moments again. 


Social media is an essential part of college baseball programs. It’s a way for each team to connect with fans and share their accomplishments throughout their journey each season.



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