Importance Of Core Workouts For Baseball Players

It is widely believed that baseball players get all their power from their arms. It is the first thing that one can notice when we see a pitcher throwing the ball, or a batter hitting a home run. But, it is physically impossible for them to only use the strength of their arms and legs, therefore, what most people do not know is that their core is an essential part too.

Baseball players have to use many groups of muscles which allow them to level up their game. Arms, legs, and the core must be trained through a super-efficient routine to increase power, strength, and stability. 

The core includes multiple muscles such as:

  • oblique muscles
  • abs
  • hips
  • lower back

It probably seems that the abs concentrate a lot of strength, but the truth is that baseball players also have to focus on the range of motion and stability of their core which comes from their hips, lower back, and oblique muscles, including their abs too. 

Taking the time to go to the gym will help baseball players not only to develop consistency but also to improve their form and posture thanks to the strength of their trunks. Core exercises differ from weight lifting exercises since they do not require heavy loads. They focus on increasing reaction, stability, and velocity. 

Did you ever notice that regarding the position of the baseball player, it is imperative for them to engage their core? Think about this, every pitcher, catcher, infielder, and outfielder do movements with their core. So, it is definitely an important part of the body that needs special attention. For example, let’s analyze the core movements of each position.


This is probably one of the most difficult positions in baseball because it requires a lot of physical and mental training. Pitchers usually have a different type of training than the rest of the position players. Regarding physical training, the core is the most essential part. They usually train up to two hours of core strength and stability. When throwing the ball, the pitchers’ objective is to locate the ball in the right spot (considering the catcher) with a good amount of velocity, and for this to happen, they have to engage their hips and legs a lot. 


Did you happen to realize the amount of time that catchers have to stay in a deep squat position? It is incredible and this demonstrates the strength that they must have in their lower back and legs. If catchers do not develop a strong trunk, this position will create extreme tightness in the hips causing serious injuries for them. Also, they have to train their speed reaction, especially when a player wants to steal a base. And the core strength comes in handy to throw the ball as fast and hard as possible.

Hitters (outfielders and infielders)

Hitters definitely need to have a developed core since they need high stability when swinging. Also, their power comes from their core because the more stability they have, the harder they will hit the ball. It is all about the core and the swing since this movement is supported by the strength of the hips and lats. 

Indeed, core workouts seem to be a key part of the life of every single baseball player no matter their position in the field. In fact, core workouts have many different benefits that people may not see from the outside, but baseball players understand the importance of these workouts thanks to the different benefits that these bring to them. 

Core conditioning is part of baseball players’ daily workouts and they are essential for every single game they play. Before the game starts every pitcher needs to complete certain exercises to start with the greatest power possible. The same happens with position players, one may see them doing another type of exercise to stretch their arms and legs, but at the end, they are also focusing on stretching their hips and back to activate their power and stability for the whole game. 

Benefits of Core Workouts for Baseball Players

After highlighting the importance of core workouts for baseball players, it is important to evaluate the benefits of each of them. The hips, lats, abs, and back are essential for any position player on the field. Keep in mind that baseball players have to move in a powerful way to succeed in the game, and thus, it is imperative to have control of your limbs and core. 

Training the core has multiple benefits such as:

  • Prevent Injuries. According to ESPN, one of the most common injuries, especially among pitchers, are the oblique strains. This happens due to the lack of strength and incorrect trunk rotation during a movement. The oblique muscles are critical for stability and for transferring body weight. The power also comes from the pelvis area. Rotation is the key for a good pitcher, so the trunk has to be properly prepared for such repetitive movements. A strong core will prevent baseball players from suffering serious injuries during training or a game.  
  • Better recovery. Another aspect that specialists have concluded on, is that when baseball players suffer from an injury, these athletes will have better chances of getting an easier-going recovery if their muscles have developed some kind of strength. It is true to say that respecting the time frame for recovery is essential, but baseball players will come back stronger if they focus on training the core properly. Better safe than sorry!
  • Level up your game. Training core is as essential as training the upper and lower body. A lot of aspects will get better with proper workouts. One of the main aspects of having a strong core is that the stability will improve. Also, baseball players will experiment with a better sense of balance, especially when rotating their trunks. 
  • Power center. When identifying how the different position players engage their cores, it is possible to realize that the source of power is the core. Think about it for a moment, when swinging back and forward, the power is generated by the core and then it travels to the legs, arms, and shoulders. It is all about doing the right movement, engaging the hips and lower back. 
  • Good Posture. One of the main causes that explains why athletes tend to have back posture is because the core is not strong enough and therefore a lot of pressure is put on the back. The deviated column is something that people with bad posture suffer from and it is something that could be very painful. Another aspect that is super cool, is that having a good posture is related to boosting people’s confidence. When you stand tall, it gives a sense of confidence that could help to perform out better. It is a really psychological benefit for all athletes. 

These are extremely favorable benefits for baseball players. It is essential for them to pay special attention to the movement that they realize of their core muscles. The rotational power and the power transfer come from a strong trunk. 


Core workouts are definitely something that coaches need to prioritize when training baseball players. The core is the heart of power, balance, and stability. Every player position engages it to perform the best. It is not an easy task but in order to prevent injuries and improve posture, baseball players need to focus on strengthening their cores. 

There are some really helpful exercises for pitchers, catchers, and hitters to improve their balance and stability without hurting themselves in the process. For example, bat speed exercises will create enough strength for hitters to balance properly, remember that the technique is important here. The better posture they have, the stronger power they will get from their trunk.

Some of these exercises are:

  • Rotational push-up
  • Oblique crunches
  • Cable rotation with a physioball

Pitchers also need all their power transferred from their core to their legs and arms. For achieving the maximum power possible, besides lifting weights, they will have to practice certain movements. Medicine balls are perfect for imitating these. They are proven to increase resistance and build strength. Imagine, they really need to increase velocity and stability to maintain a good form and position of the body while pitching. 

Catching, running, hitting, and rotating, baseball players really engage their whole body. Therefore, it is crucial for them to train their cores in order to keep getting strong. It is no easy task, but remember that they need that power to gain velocity. And that their arms and legs only do part of the job. 


The strength of the core is essential for baseball players. Every pitcher, hitter, and catcher uses the power generated by their trunk. The movement from the hips, the correct posture, and the proper balance will give a sense of comfort and confidence for the players to perform at their best. Indeed, it is all about that core!



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