New Changes for the MLB

New Changes for the MLB  

Major League Baseball is in full swing for the Summer!

If you have been keeping up with the MLB you may have noticed some changes this season. Each year new rules are considered for the new season. Rules are changed to help improve the actual gameplay in baseball.


Expanded Rosters 

Due to the impact of Major League Baseball’s lockout over the spring training schedule, it was agreed that teams could allow a 28-player roster until May 2nd. After this, the rosters were reduced to the traditional 26-player rosters.


Amended Designated Hitter Rule 

This new rule is also known as the ‘Ohtani Rule’. The Designated Hitter was in place by the MLB for the 2022 season, but the Official Baseball Rules have been amended for flexibility for the pitchers who bat for themselves. 

For Rule 5.11(a) per the MLB, such players will be considered two separate people. If the player is replaced by the starting pitcher, he can continue to play as the Designated Hitter. If the designated hitter is replaced, he can continue as the pitcher but can no longer hit for themselves.  

If the player is simultaneously replaced as both the pitcher and hitter, he cannot be replaced by another two-way player. 


Extra Innings Rule

The MLB has confirmed that the extra innings rule has been restored for 2022. The MLB states, “To preserve the health and safety of players, the league agreed to continue the rule that each extra inning begins with a runner on second. The batter, or substitute, who leads off the inning will be the next in the line-up. The runner at second will be the last hitter from the team’s previous half-inning.” 

They go on to say that “Any runner or batter previously removed from the game will be ineligible to return to the game for this situation.

For calculating runs, the runner who begins the inning at second base is deemed to have reached second base due to a fielding error, but an error will not be assessed to the opposing team.”


Larger Bases

What do bigger bases mean for players? Making the bases bigger is to help promote safer for the players. The Sporting News suggests that “bigger bases will give runners and first basemen more surface area to share in a bang-bang play.” They go on to say that because twisted ankles are of concern the bigger bases could help mitigate that risk.


How do you think the new MLB updates will affect the 2022 season?


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