Signs You Need (And Don’t Need) A New Baseball Glove

Buying a new glove is a big occasion in a player’s life. Here are all of the signs you need (and don’t need) a new baseball glove!

Taking Care Of Your Baseball Glove

How you take care of your baseball glove influences how long it will last. The most important thing you can do to increase the lifespan of your glove is to oil it routinely. Oiling your baseball glove will help preserve your glove for an extended period. It is critical to use particularly made baseball oil to help the leather remain soft and stop it from cracking and drying out. 

A second way to take great care of your glove is to ensure that it is broken in, making it not as prone to cracking. This is particularly important if you live in an extremely hot or dry place. In this case, I would want to oil your glove a bit more regularly as well. 

How Often Should You Oil Your Baseball Glove?

When figuring out how frequently to oil your baseball glove, you have to think about the climate that you live in. If your area is hotter and drier, it is best to oil your glove once a week. In other climates, once a month should be enough. If you do not intend to use your glove for a while, make sure that you keep it in a cool, dry place. The best way to oil your glove is to buy a specially made baseball oil, for instance, a leather therapy restorer, this kind of oil is made to increase the life of your glove.

Why It Is Crucial To Take Care Of Your Baseball Glove

If you value your baseball glove and want it to have a long lifespan, it is incredibly crucial to take great care of it. Surprisingly professional baseball players are devoted to taking great care of their gloves to use them for four or more seasons. That is imposing, bearing in mind how frequently they use their gloves. It might dry out and crack almost instantaneously if you do not take care of it, perhaps allowing you just one season of use. If you have ever slid your hand into a dried-out baseball glove, you have most likely observed how rigid and not comfortable it can be. Oiling your glove can keep it soft and comfortable.

When To Replace Your Baseball Glove

Even if you give your glove the absolute best care possible, it will not last forever. Read below to learn when it is time to get a new glove.

If You Are Not Able To Catch Baseballs As Easily

Think about getting a new glove instead of getting frustrated with yourself if you begin missing baseballs that you know you usually would have caught. When gloves get too worn out, they can influence your capacity to play.

You Find It Difficult To Release The Ball During A Game

If you become aware of issues when you try to release a baseball, that is another sign that you may have to replace your glove. It has been said that over 70% of all release errors can be chalked up to an old glove.

If Your Fingers Are Uncomfortable In Your Current Glove

As mentioned earlier, older, dried-out gloves can be highly rigid and uncomfortable. This will influence the flexibility of your glove, which can affect the quality of your play. When this happens, you should look into getting a new glove. If your glove is not that old and you have been taking care of it, check to see if adjusting the laces relieves your discomfort. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting the laces just right, instead of too tight or too loose.

Want To Change To A Different Position

If you are determined to take on a different position on the field, you may have to get a different kind of glove than what you are currently using. Do a little research into the best type of glove for the position you are interested in playing. 

Signs You Need A New Glove

On the other hand, if you are dealing with your glove being too broken in or floppy instead of dried out and cracked, this is an indicator that it might be time to replace your glove 

It Has A Rip. In Any Place

If you see any rips or tears in your glove at all, you have to replace your glove. It does not matter if it is just one rip, even just a tiny one. During the game, one catch could tear through your glove and perhaps hurt you. Some people have attempted to repair their gloves with glue or sew them, but sadly, this is not sufficient. It would be in your best interest to replace your glove.  

It Begins To Feel Extremely Heavy When You Use It

A build-up of large amounts of grime and dirt in the glove results in it feeling cumbersome. This makes the glove’s performance worse but reduces the quality of the leather in addition to that.

It Used To Have Perfect Form, But Now It Feels Weird 

When you get a baseball glove perfectly broken in, it can feel right on your hand and make your quality of play better. Although, after a while, you may become aware that it does not feel so good anymore. It loses the qualities that made it just perfect for you. This is just informing you that it is time for a new glove.

The Padding Feels Like It Is Not There

The felt padding thinning out is a crucial sign that the glove is completely worn out. You will feel oddly strong pain after catches in the palm and pocket, which are both bad signs. 

The Leather Is Cracked Everywhere

I have talked about the problem of cracking earlier, which is an extremely apparent sign that you have to replace your glove. The cracking will just get worse and influence the condition of your glove even further. This will then hurt your playing ability.

Signs You Do Not Need A New Glove

You Just Want A New Glove

Unless you can purchase 10 of them, do not purchase a new glove just because you want a new one. You are better off saving your money for more essential future expenses.

Your Glove Is Old But Is Not Worn Out

Some gloves will keep their shape for longer than others, and just because your glove is old does not mean you have to buy a new one. Older gloves are generally better made by some means, so you don’t need to buy the cool new glove even if everyone on your team has it!



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