Top 10 Baseball Podcasts

Listen up! Podcasts are a convenient way to learn new information about your favorite things. There are many podcasts out there that cover what's going on in the world, like The New York Times' "The Daily" or Vox's "Today, Explained." 

If you're a baseball fan, whether MLIB or college baseball, there are even podcasts for you to keep up with and listen to!

Why Podcasts?

Now, you might be wondering: why podcasts? Sure, you could google "throwing programs for catchers" or "leg workouts for baseball," and articles will come up. However, there are many reasons why podcasts can be more convenient than articles or videos. 

  • Podcasts are convenient. They are perfect for anything on the go: while going on a run or walk, driving, doing chores, and many other things. Podcasts give the option to multitask safely while also learning more about what you're interested in.
  • Podcasts are everywhere! Any podcast is usually available for free on easily accessible apps. For example, Apple product users have a podcast application downloaded by default to the phone called "Podcasts." Other than that, podcasts can be found on Spotify Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and many more!
  • Podcasts create a community. You can connect with people of similar interests based on what podcasts you listen to! This can even be a point of conversation among friends when they ask what you've been up to. The intimidating "what have you been doing recently?" question is now less intimidating and a little more interesting!

Whether you're on a run or practicing workouts to improve your endurance, podcasts are a great way to learn new information on the go.

Now that I've got you on the podcast train let's look at some highly ranked baseball podcasts.

Top 10 Baseball Podcasts

Let's take a look at some of the popular MILB podcasts that are active today. Below is a top 10 of all these podcasts that include a description of the podcasts (taken directly from Apple Podcasts) and an episode suggestion.

Not sure where to start? Each podcast is linked at the title! Still unsure? The episode suggestion provided is meant to give you an idea of what the podcast is all about. 

1. The Dynasty Baseball Show

Description from Apple Podcasts: "Van Lee (@TheManlyVanLee), Ron Rigney (@therealmaday), and Brian Vaughan (@loudguitarbrian) talk fantasy baseball from a dynasty perspective reviewing and ranking farm systems, talking prospect performances, and finding out what it takes to win your dynasty fantasy baseball league!"

Episode Suggestion: One of the more general episodes is Ep 151: Rookie of the Year. This episode covers whether or not the rookies of 2020 were legit and analyzes their performances. Some of the rookies covered in this episode include Jesus Luzardo and Kyle Lewis.

Have a favorite MILB team? This podcast covers top prospects on a specific team for each episode. 

2. Smoke Signals

Description from Apple Podcasts: "The Indians Baseball Insider crew talks about Indians baseball from the MLB to the minor leagues."

Episode Suggestion: Sweeps Week. Smoke Signals goes in-depth on the Cleveland Indians system in this episode. Some of the topics they cover are Nolan Jones' progress, injuries in the system, Columbus Clippers losing to the Nashville sounds, the pitching carousel, and many more!

3. Too Tall Sports

Description from Apple Podcasts: "Former Professional Baseball Player, Brett Lorin, dives into sports topics, athlete success stories, sportswriters and business careers with his network in the industry!"

Episode Suggestion: Many of these episodes bring in big-name baseball players! If you see a fan favorite that interests you, give it a listen! A suggestion is the latest episode, Bradin Hagens - Former MLB Pitcher and Teammate, Current Pitcher in Chinese Pro League. This episode explores Hagens' journey before playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks. From his experience in junior college to playing football with Colin Kaepernick in high school, a player's journey says it all.

4. Down On the Farm

Description from Apple Podcasts: "A significant look at minor-league baseball with a special focus on the Seattle Mariners Baseball club farm system. DOTF features an in-depth analysis of the players and prospects and an appreciative look at what makes minor-league baseball a great experience and a community asset. 

From the starting pitchers to the ushers, from the stars on the field to the stars in the stands and the people who make it happen, DOTF brings the joy of the minors to baseball fans of every level."

Episode Suggestion: Season 1, Episode 7 - The Catchers. The latest episode of Down On the Farm looks into the Seattle Mariners' catchers!

5. The Minor Conversations

Description from Apple Podcasts: "The podcast will offer a glimpse behind the game day experience in the Eastern League with candid discussions and interesting stories both on and off the field."

Episode Suggestion: Episode 17, Dominic Latkovski, the man behind BirdZerk! and the ZOOperstars!. You heard that correctly! BirdZerk!, the mascot who appears at many little league baseball games. If you've ever wondered what traveling with those silly outfits as BirdZerk! is like, this episode is for you! This episode lets Latkovski explain what it's like performing as this iconic mascot.

6. The Minor League Take

Description from Apple Podcasts: "This is a podcast that will give insight into the daily grind of minor league baseball life and all the struggles that go into it. This podcast will also show the different paths people have taken to get to where they are today. I have played with guys that signed for millions out of high school and the fifth year picks who have dominated the minor league circuit."

Episode Suggestion: Episode 21: Matt Seelinger. This San Francisco Giants prospect talks about his baseball journey. You might've heard of his very famous pitch, "the droppah," so in this episode, he talks about how it changed his baseball legacy! Listen to his story: from his life in Long Island to on the horizon in San Francisco! 

7. Prospect One

Description from Apple Podcasts: "Prospect One is a fantasy baseball podcast dedicated to MiLB Baseball. You'll find no shortage of minor league ranks around the internet, but those aren't looked at from the fantasy perspective. Prospect One with Chris Welsh is doing just that! 

Living in Arizona, Welsh visits the Arizona Fall League, AZL League, Spring Training, and more to study some of the top prospects and interview some of the most intelligent minds in the minor league prospect world. Looking for the next big fantasy star or building a robust minor league system for your dynasty? Prospect One has you covered."

Episode Suggestion: Episode 254 - MLB Draft Talk with Carlos Collazo of Baseball America. Let's talk about drafting with Carlos Collazo. In this episode, Collazo gives his insight on the 2021 draft compared to 2019, Mock Draft, and Which prospect can help their draft stock from the CWS?

8. FutureSox Podcast

Description from Apple Podcasts: "Discussing the prospects and happenings relating to White Sox player development and baseball operations."

Episode Suggestion: FutureSox Podcast: Previewing the 2021 minor league season. A big question covered in this episode is, "Are the White Sox being aggressive with the younger prospects forced to move into A-ball, or is this the new normal?" They also talk about any young prospects that will possibly appear in the top 10 prospects!

9. The Show Before the Show 

Description from Apple Podcasts: "In "The Show Before the Show," writers Tyler Maun and Sam Dykstra break down Minor League Baseball's biggest storylines with guests from around the Minors, including players, managers, and player development experts. 

They'll also have a weekly look at what's going on outside the lines with the business of the Minors expert Benjamin Hill."

Episode Suggestion: #308: First week in review. Listen to the hosts summarize and analyze the first week of minor league baseball in 2021! This episode goes into the Minor's funniest moments and some prospect standouts so far.

10. Apter Hours

Description from Apple Podcasts: "A podcast that explores the business of Minor League Baseball. Hosted by former front office executive Brandon Apter."

Episode Suggestion: Baseball Returns to Amarillo with the Sod Poodles. Your favorite MLB baseball team is featured on Apter Hours' podcast! This episode is all about the naming process of the Sod Poodles, what fans should expect from games, and baseball coming back to Amarillo for the first time since the 1980s! The President and General Manager of the Sod Poodles are featured on this episode to give complete information!


Have you ever reimagined how you intake your baseball news, information, and MILB updates? Reading articles and watching videos can be great, but what if you're on a run or busy running errands? Podcasts are a perfect way to multitask: you can get your everyday routine going while listening to what you love!

Our top 10 podcasts are listed above, including MILB updates, stars, and any information regarding the newest season. Check out the links and suggestions above to see what podcast is the best fit for you. Still unsure? We've left descriptions that lead directly to Apple Podcasts, where every podcast can be found.