Top 10 Best Cleats For Baseball Players

There are so many choices to pick from when it comes to buying baseball cleats. It can be overwhelming to pick the best pair for success. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best cleats for baseball players. Read on to find the best baseball cleats that money can buy!

#1. Mizuno 9-Spike Franchise Series

  • Material: Synthetic

  • Spikes: 9/Molded

  • Style: Mid-top

  • Colors: 2

These are the well-liked Mizuno cleats. They are a bit different from other Mizuno cleats because they are made of rubber. While you will not get the airflow through the shoe, you will receive the best longevity possible. Therefore, you will be able to wear these all season and beyond. Although these cleats are made of rubber, you will not miss out on excellent grip on the field. 

#2. New Balance 4040v4

  • Material: Synthetic Nubuck
  • Spikes: Metal
  • Style: Mid-sole
  • Colors: 9

The New Balance 4040v4 is probably the most popular cleat on the market with over 10,000 reviews on some sites. New Balance offers a great selection with a lot of different color choices. Since these cleats are so comfortable and will last you a long time, the 4040v4 is a part of this list of the top 10 best cleats for baseball players. The ability to make the cleat your own by choosing personalized colors, choosing between low-top and mid-top, and choosing between metal and rubber puts this shoe over the top.

#3. Nike Jordan XII Retro

  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Spikes: Pebax metal
  • Style: High top
  • Colors: 3

The Nike Jordan XII Retro Baseball Cleats are inspired by the famous Air Jordan XII shoe. The Nike Men's Jordan's are an excellent choice for pitchers predominantly for giving good grip and speed because they have a Pebax nine-cleat plate. Also, these Nike baseball cleats have a Heel Air-Sole unit which provides lightweight impact cushioning to keep your feet secured.

#4. Adidas PowerAlley 4

  • Material: Leather
  • Spikes: 8/Metal
  • Style: Low-top
  • Colors: 9

These baseball cleats are perfect for the player who wishes to personalize their shoe entirely. You can pick the color of the shoe down to the lace. However, their style works even better for performance. These shoes were designed for comfort, and Adidas fulfills that need. The ProTrax plate restrains the stress your foot feels when you put pressure on it. Plus, these have a comfortable insole that stretches across the whole cleat.

#5. Under Armour Harper 2 RM 

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Spikes: Rubber molded
  • Style: Mid-top
  • Colors: 4

The Harper is an awesome cleat. It s the best baseball cleat for ankle support on the market. The Harper 2 RM could be the most fashionable baseball cleat on the market and it screams Bryce Harper (the designer of these cleats). Fun fact- there is a Vegas skyline printed on the shoe and the vibrant colors draw attention just like Harper’s personality.

#6. New Balance 300v4 Metal Cleats

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Spikes: Metal
  • Style: Mid-top
  • Colors: 17

The New Balance 300v4 is said to be the most comfortable and well-designed cleat in the market. The New Balance 300v4 is a cleat that will last you a long time. It has REVlite cushioning that helps in keeping you more comfortable throughout the additional innings. Also, it has the customer midsole or the insert that is designed to give more cushioning to the heel. The collar design of these new balance baseball cleats aims to provide the player with more support and comfort when sprinting or standing still.

#7. Mizuno Heist IQ

  • Material: Synthetic/mesh
  • Spikes: 9/Metal
  • Style: Low-top
  • Colors: 9

This brand is well known for creating athletic shoes solely for baseball. And this Mizuno cleat does not disappoint. The IQ in the name stands for “Innovative Quickness” which describes these cleats to a tee.  They come complete with an insole that is made for a running shoe, allowing you the capability to beat out your opponents. Also, they give you perfect flexibility because the outer parts of the shoe are made with materials such as synthetic and mesh.

#8. Under Armour Leadoff RM

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Spikes: Rubber molded
  • Style: Mid-top
  • Colors: 4

The Under Armour Leadoff RM is one of the most beloved pairs of cleats. Under Armour is well known for manufacturing excellent products. The Leadoff cleats are made of high-quality leather and provide excellent longevity without holding a player down. They come in at, roughly, 13 ounces which makes them one of the lightest baseball cleats on the market.

#9. Adidas Men’s Icon V Bounce Baseball Cleats

  • Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Spikes: Plastic rubber
  • Style: Midsole
  • Colors: 8

Adidas is notorious for designing amazing sportswear. They are clear to understand what the players need when they are on the field. This is part of the reason that the Adidas Icon V Bounce Baseball Cleats is noticeable. They are unbelievably comfortable and provide excellent support while playing. These cleats are lightweight and breathable as well, which is a plus. It is made with an air mesh on the upper side that comes with reinforced durable overlays. Also, it has a molded heel that is expected to provide more support on the ground.

#10. Under Armour Ignite

  • Material: Synthetic
  • 6/Molded
  • Style: Low-top
  • Colors: 1

These Under Armour baseball shoes are the perfect rubber molded choice for baseball players. These cleats are made of leather and cowhide which make them last an extra long time. The soles have an ArmourBound lining that lessens the impact of your step. The design of the cleat themselves allows you to pivot and obtain momentum without fail. You will have an excellent grip and will have to be concerned about slipping across the diamond. Also, you will get an added push for when you swing your bat.

Things To Think About When Buying A Pair Of Baseball Cleats

Here are the most crucial facets to think about before permitting yourself to buy a new pair of cleats


There are three major categories of baseball shoes: metal cleats, molded (plastic) cleats, and turf/trainer shoes.

  • Experts state that metal cleats provide the best grip because they can dig well into the grass and even the harder and compact dirt of some infields.
  • Plastic cleats do not offer as much grip as metal cleats but normally play better in soft/muddy circumstances, do not wear away as quickly as metal, and have to be worn if the league forbids the use of metal cleats.
  • Trainer shoes are used during practice and are normally more comfortable and do not tear up training facilities as metal does.


The two most frequently used materials used in the construction of baseball cleats are leather and synthetics. Genuine leather is known to last longer, is a bit heavier, and costs more. Some of the more advanced synthetics are lighter and provide high-quality flexibility and comfort.

Ankle Support

Mid-top, low-top, or high-top? Neither is better concerning performance. Much of this adds up to player preference. For instance, if the player has had problems with ankle injuries in the past, they may pick out a high-top shoe. Frequently, pitchers would rather have a low-top shoe for good flexibility on the mound and to stop chaffing after a few innings of pitching.

Some players find a mid or high-top confining and for that reason favor a low-height cleat. Of course, low tops are going to be a bit lighter and better for the base runner, while high tops are going to be a bit heavier but protect the ankles better.


Some leagues forbid the use of metal cleats and because of that, molded cleats have to be worn. Metal cleats are permitted in high school, college, and pro baseball. Although, the majority of youth leagues forbid the use of metal cleats because of safety reasons. If you are unsure, it is always good to do a quick check online to make sure metal cleats are permitted in your league.



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