Top 10 Best College Baseball Jerseys

Baseball jerseys are an essential part of a team’s identity. They can change throughout the years to match new styles, but some of the top ones are homages to the classic uniforms of the 18 and 1900s.

Every university has its team colors and uniforms. While some of these might be shared, the colors in the uniform make them stand out. However, to understand how and why these color combinations work on the uniforms, let’s talk about color theory. 

Color Theory

Isaac Newton created the color wheel in 1666. His creation came to be one of the most valuable tools designers have today. Color Theory allows you to create fantastic color schemes with complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, and tetradic combinations. There are also primary, secondary, and tertiary colors within the wheel.


  • The hue is the pure color, so nothing is affecting the color you see.


  • The shade is pure color + black, so the original hue is now darker


  • The tint is pure color + white, so the original hue is now lighter.


  • The tone is pure color + grey, so the original hue is muddier but not as dark as the shade.


  • Complementary colors are colors that are on the exact opposite sides of the color wheel.


  • Monochromatic colors are different shades, tones, and tints of one hue.


  • Analogous colors are three colors that are side by side on the color wheel. The best practice when using similar colors is to choose one dominant color and the other two accent colors.


  • Triadic color schemes are created by choosing three different colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel.


  • Tetradic color schemes are similar to tetradic with the spacing on the color wheel but four colors instead of three. This scheme works best when choosing a dominant color and using the other three as accent colors like analogous color schemes.


  • The primary colors are Red, Green, and Blue in the RGB color wheel. If these primary colors are combined, you can create pure white. In the RYB color wheel, the primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue.


  • Secondary colors are the three combinations that come from the primary colors. If you use the RYB color wheel, the secondary colors are Purple, Orange, and Green. The RGB color wheel gives you Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.


  • Tertiary colors are the combination of primary color and a secondary color. These combinations create six tertiary colors in the RGB color wheel: orange, chartreuse green, spring green, azure, violet, and rose. The tertiary colors created by the RYB color wheel are red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet.

Now that you know everything there is to know about color theory, here’s a list of our picks for the top 10 best college baseball jerseys. (While they are in no specific order, we have to admit we hold #1 close to our hearts.)


1. Wright State University

Photo Credit: Ralph Schudel via Wright State Athletics

Wright State has a crisp and clean all-white uniform with a green and yellow accent. Their jersey, like most teams, features the school’s primary color: hunter green. The hat complements the jersey well with the hunter green and gold bill and white embroidery. This color combination works very well because neither the green nor gold are overbearingly displayed on the uniform. The clean white keeps the balance and allows the colors chosen to stand out. It’s also a very sleek take on a classic uniform with the team mascot written in an angled script across the chest in green. This jersey is a timeless look.

Color Details:

  • Hunter Green: Shade of green
  • White: Combination of RGB
  • Combination: Complementary


2. The University of Texas at Austin

Photo Credit: Ellman Photography via UT Austin Athletics

UT Austin’s uniform is also white, with the school color contrasting beautifully to showcase the word “Texas” across the chest. The burnt orange on the white stands out enough without being an offensive combination. The simple detail on the sleeve also frames the jersey perfectly. This jersey ties the uniform together well with the white-on-white and burnt orange trim.

Color Details:

  • White: Combination of primary colors
  • Burnt Orange: Shade of orange
  • Combination: Complementary


3. Louisiana State University 

Photo Credit: Gus Stark via LSU Athletics

LSU’s “Championship Gold” pairs well with the purple details on the jersey. While the yellow used for the dominant part of the jersey isn’t common, it allows LSU the distinction it deserves. The back of this jersey is a breathable material by looking at the small holes from the upper back to the mid-back. This jersey is definitely in LSU’s style.

Color Details:

  • Purple: Secondary color
  • Gold: Shade of yellow
  • Combination: Complementary


4. Vanderbilt University

Photo via

Vanderbilt’s jerseys are no stranger to the spotlight. Vanderbilt’s jerseys are award-winning and were not allowed to compete in this year’s bracket to defend their title per the new rules. The cream color is a baseball classic that is commonly used to add variety to the team’s jerseys, but Vanderbilt added their touch to it with the black outline detail on the jersey. With jerseys like this, it’s no wonder they won the D1 Uniform Tournament for three consecutive years.

Color Details:

  • Black: Combination of RYB
  • Cream: Tint of yellow
  • Combination: Complementary 


5. Mississippi State University 

Photo via Mississippi State Athletics

Mississippi State’s pinstripe jersey showcases the school’s monogram over the heard in the school’s color. The pinstripe style is a baseball classic that has been commonly known to be a vintage uniform look. The jersey is quite simple but works well with the color pairing and accent embroidery to highlight the monogram logo.

Color Details:

  • White: Combination of RGB
  • Maroon: Shade of pink
  • Combination: Complementary


6. University of Kentucky

Photo Credit: Casey Womack via UK Athletics

The University of Kentucky’s jersey is the most unique of the bunch so far. While black is a standard jersey option, the blue and white accents bring out the remainder of the uniform pieces and give this jersey its flair. The checkerboard pattern on the sleeve hems is not a common addition to baseball jerseys. That pattern deserves the recognition it is bringing home to the Wildcats.

Color Details:

  • Black: Combination of RYB
  • Blue: Hue
  • White: Combination of RGB
  • Combination: Triadic


7. The University of Mississippi 

Photo via Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss has an exciting jersey because of the color combination. The powder blue with the cardinal red is quite a drastic contrast, but it works so well. We don’t think it gets any more all-American than this with its Red, White, and Blue play. The school’s actual colors are represented well with the detail on the sleeves and outline of the school’s nickname.

Color Details:

  • Cardinal Red: Shade of red
  • Powder Blue: Tint of blue
  • Combination: Analogous


8. Rice University

Photo via Rice Athletics

Rice University’s navy blue and white jersey is such a simple yet elegant jersey. Because this color combination works so well, it’s easy to see why no other color or detail was thrown onto the jersey to make it enjoyable; it doesn’t need any extras. Even the placement of the numbers makes perfect sense. This jersey is a staple jersey every team needs.

Color Details:

  • White: Combination of RGB
  • Blue: Shade of blue
  • Combination: Complementary


9. Purdue University 

Photo via Purdue Athletics

Purdue's baseball jersey is another play on black and gold. While it is not the only school with a black and gold option, it is unique in its details and pairing with pinstripe pants. Looking at the jersey, though, it does resemble Vanderbilt's cream and black. This presentation, however, is very much Purdue. It is pretty elegant with just the P logo over the heart and the ribcage placement of the number on the front.

Color Details:

  • Black: Combination of RYB
  • Gold: Shade of yellow
  • Combination: Complementary


10. University of Arkansas

Photo via University of Arkansas Athletics

Arkansas' most common jersey is the cream, but we think this one deserves a spotlight. Like LSU’s golds, Arkansas’ white jersey also has a breathable back showcasing the name and number of the player. The cardinal red used for the embroidered details creates the perfect contrast on the white. The embroidery outline is a metallic cardinal red that blends into the regular embroidery but is distinct enough to give the metallic illusion to the traditional embroidery.

Color Details:

  • Cardinal Red: Shade of red
  • White: Combination of RGB
  • Combination: Complimentary

Final Thoughts

Having browsed through plenty of jerseys, we can see a theme of timeless uniform pieces that can easily be adapted to fit the needs of any team. While collegiate baseball teams have to be cautious that their color choices include the university's approved branding color schemes, we know that they will always include the school colors we know and love. Do you think the color choices matter? Do they help you decide what team you'd like to play for or root for? What do you think makes a baseball jersey memorable?

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