Unique MILB Mascots And Team Names

Every sports fan is familiar with the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Cubs. And how could they not? Each franchise has a ring that is attributed to countless rivalries, heartbreaks, and victories. In the process, successful players have become household names, heroes to the younger generations while fanbases have altered a sense of pride and competitiveness amongst family, friends, and coworkers. Each team has an identity, a brand that encompasses and captures an entire culture, a town, city, or state. That fails to mention the countless colors, designs, and logos that strategically depict each franchise. And the bread and butter behind it all, a mascot and a team name. While the Major League Baseball character cast is well known and historical, the next batch of characters is far from it. Ever wish those same team names were a little more creative, perhaps a bit more imaginative and fun? Well, the MLB affiliates sure are, with mascots ranging from chihuahuas to biscuits! If these make you smile or chuckle then oh boy, do we have a list for you. Without further ado, here are the most unique MILB mascots and team names, categorized by their functions. 


The Foods

Team Name: Modesto Nuts

Mascot: Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, Shelly the Pistachio 

Thought we’d warm up with some simple and easy names, you thought wrong. Named after the town of Modesto California that is home to a variety of nuts growing throughout the region, this mascot does not disappoint. What’s better? The Seattle Mariners affiliate features three tasty mascots: Al the Almond, Wally the Walnut, and Shelly the Pistachio. The franchise was awarded the 2017 Excellence in Community Service Award, given to the team with the biggest commitment to charity and service to their community. I’m going nuts for these guys… get it? 

Team Name: Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp 

Mascot: Scampi the Shrimp 

You might need a second to let this one sink in. The Miami Marlins Triple-A affiliate chose the name to represent the city’s connection to seafood and it comes as an oxymoron for Jacksonville itself: a big small town, Florida’s largest city with a tight-knit and inclusive community. Starting for the 2021 season, they signed a ten-year contract to play within the International league of the MILB. Team owner Ken Babby unveiled the team name alluding to the jumbo shrimp as “a gritty, tough, hard-working shrimp.” One thing is for sure: this savory team better devour plenty of shrimp per victory, no vegetarians allowed. 

Team Name: Cedar Rapids Kernels 

Mascot: Mr.Shucks 

The High-A Central affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, this franchise was where the infamous Mike Trout began his storybook career. The inspiration behind the franchise name is one of beauty. Cedar Rapids, the second-largest city in Iowa, is home to historical sites such as the Paramount Theatre and Roosevelt Hotel as well as historical museums famous for their cultural stories, So, why corn? “Iowans tend to get the fact that everyone thinks of Iowa as being a flyover state and nothing but corn and farms,” said Andy Pantini, communications manager for the Kernels. How corny is that? 10/10 in our books. 

Team Name: The Montgomery Biscuits

Mascot: Big Mo the Biscuit loving beast and Monty the Biscuit 

My personal favorite, the Montgomery Biscuits is an edible Minor League Baseball franchise based in Montgomery, Alabama. They are the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and are the first team in the country to sell biscuits in the stadium. Better yet, the team launches actual biscuits into the crowd during games. That’s right, a biscuit cannon. Regardless of your biscuit fandom, it’s easy to fall in love with this team. This is no ordinary biscuit. In Alabama, biscuits are comprised of layers of ham and chicken mixed with honey and buttered to golden brown perfection. My mouth is watering after writing this paragraph and suffice to say, this is a winner for me in the food category. 

The Animals 

Team Name: Richmond Flying Squirrels 

Mascot: Nutzy and Natasha the Squirrels 

The Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, this unique name is a fan-favorite and staple in minor league baseball. Why the flying squirrels? With a fun demeanor and playing with an admirable lack of self-seriousness, the name flying squirrels was determined. The team led the Eastern League in attendance their debut season and has sold more merchandise than any other Minor League baseball team. 

Team Name: El Paso Chihuahuas 

Mascot: Chico the Chihuahua 

With arguably the cutest mascot in all of the sports, the Chihuahuas replaced the Diablos in 2014 as the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. While the name was initially met with mixed reviews after it was unveiled, fans were shocked by the unique name for a baseball team. According to the team’s general manager Brad Taylor, the chihuahuas “represent fun and are fiercely loyal.” The name was formed off of the Chihuahuan desert, and the toughness of those working and living in the town. Let’s just hope these guys don’t bite. 

Team Name: Akron Rubberducks 

Mascot: Webster the Rubber Duck

This AA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians has a name that will please and excite any sports fan, regardless of age. The name is based on Akron’s identity as the “Rubber Capital of the World” with well-known giants such as Goodyear HQ and the Bridgestone-Firestone tech center in its quarters. Fourth-graders from Cornerstone Elementary school in Norton attended the press conference that unveiled the changed team name in 2016, quacking in joy for their Ohio team. 

Team Name: Amarillo Sod Poodles

Mascot: Ruckus the Sod Poodle 

What’s a Sod Poodle you ask? Great question, one that many Amarilloans had never heard of. Claims were that the term was an early settlers’ nickname for rodents in the Texas grasslands, now known as prairie dogs. The name has faced plenty of controversy from fans, but the brand beat out the Chihuahuas for the best name in minor league baseball before ever tossing the first pitch! Notable Major League Baseball players with ties to the Amarillo affiliate include Tony Gywnn and Cal Ripken Sr. The team’s logo has been sold in all 50 states and both Canada and the United Kingdom, featuring Amarillo yellow, Texas red, and Route 66 retro blue. 

Team Name: Binghamton Rumble Ponies 

Mascot: Rowdy the Rumble Pony 

Are you ready to rumble? The Double-A affiliate of the New York Mets ties its name to the city’s culture and community, with the reputation as “Carousel Capital of the World”. Named after a childhood activity that we all loved, the reputation is as unique and fitting as can be. You better hold your horses, the Rumble Ponies are coming to a ballpark near you. 

Team Name: Rocket City Trash Pandas 

Mascot: Sprocket 

This one better make you laugh as much as it did for us. According to the nickname creator Matthew Highley, “Our community is known for engineering, and no creature in the galaxy is as smart, creative, determined, and ingenious as our local raccoons!” The Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, the Rocket City Trash Pandas, features a one-of-a-kind logo with a raccoon in a trash can, shooting off to outer space in a rocket ship. This one is out of this world! 

The Miscellaneous Category 

Team Name: Albuquerque Isotopes 

Mascot: Orbit 

A team named after the Simpsons, way too good to be true. The Triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, the Isotopes got their name from a 2001 episode of the popular FOX television series. In the fictional episode, Homer Simpson learns of a plan to move the Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque, but this time, the move was no joke. Science, Simpsons, and Sports fans alike can rejoice with this one. 

Team Name: Omaha Storm Chasers 

Mascot: Stormy, Vortex, Sue Nami, Sizzle, Casey the Lion, and Storm Chaser 

This one might win the best mascot(s) award by a landslide. I mean come on, who doesn’t love Sue Nami and Sizzle! The Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, the Storm Chasers warrant their name from the wide variety of weather faced in Omaha. This fan-friendly team is easy to root for and fun to watch. Let’s just hope the storms don’t get in the way of too many games! 

Team Name: Fort Wayne TinCaps 

Mascot: Johnny TinCap

Named after Johnny Appleseed, the TinCaps are the High-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres baseball team. The team name is a reference to the pioneer himself, Appleseed, who wore his tin cooking pot on his head. A logo with an apple wearing the trademark tin cap is way too cool and is another unique name for fans to cherish. 

As you can see, you don’t have to be a baseball fan to laugh, smile, and root for these ingenuine MILB mascots and team names. Our personal favorite: the mystery of the Amarillo Sod Poodles. Regardless of your favorite, there’s no doubt that fans will cling to merchandise stores to take advantage of and rep their unique squads. The twist on sports names has made Minor League Baseball unique and has garnered attention towards the next generational talents within the sport. Keep your eyes out for the next wild team name and mascot!


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