What Colleges Have Won the Most Baseball College World Series Championships?

These collegiate teams have won the most Baseball College World Series Championships - is your team one of them?

As the regular season comes to a close, the focus in baseball shifts to the College World Series. The tournament that all NCAA Division I teams and fans dream of. The chance for your team to shine and show that it deserves to be named the college baseball champion for that year. 

Making it to the Baseball College World Series and being named the collegiate baseball champions is the goal of most college baseball players. 

As a baseball player, what are your goals? To get drafted? To play college ball? These are goals that many players from a young age dream of. Being in a stadium filled with thousands of fans cheering them on, wearing the jersey of those they idolized, and playing the game they love while getting their education or getting paid is what drives them to work harder and improve their skills. 

For collegiate athletes across the country, their goal is simple. Win. They want to win games, win awards, and most importantly, win championships. This reigns true for baseball players as well. Ultimately, the goal of a college baseball player is to not only make it to the NCAA tournament but advance to the championship game. 

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The Baseball College World Series has been the focus of collegiate baseball since its start in 1947. The championship tournament that has captivated the fans of college baseball for decades has a history of exciting games and wins. Fans and players look forward to June every year - waiting for the time for their team to step up to the plate and dominate their way through the series.

Are you curious about what teams have shined at this tournament? Specifically, the one that has won the most Baseball College World Series Championships? Well then, keep reading!

What is the Baseball College World Series?

After the college baseball season coming to a screeching halt in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Baseball College World Series has returned! This year, with Arkansas as the Number 1 overall seed. With the College World Series going from mid-June to the end of the month, baseball fans across the country are glued to their televisions waiting to see if their team wins it all. In 2021, there is a different excitement surrounding the tournament. Due to COVID-19 shifting the world of sports, fans have been cooped up at home waiting for the day for their sport to return to regularly scheduled programming. While the season has commenced normally and most stadiums have returned to full capacity, the excitement surrounding championship games and tournaments has risen. Because players and fans were robbed of experiencing the College World Series in 2020, the 2021 tournament is their saving grace.

If you are an avid baseball fan, the College World Series is not new to you. However, if you are not or do not know much about the tournament itself, don’t worry! We have done the work for you.

The road to Omaha. If you are a college baseball fan or player, you have heard this statement before. The most valuable journey for college baseball players and fans. The hope that your team will pull through and win it all. 

The first Baseball College World Series Championship was hosted at Hyames Field in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1947. The tournament was hosted here again in 1948. Following this, in 1949, the host city was changed to Wichita, Kansas. In 1950, the College World Series was held in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, Omaha has become the famous home of this championship series. 

While the championship began in 1947, the College World Series of Omaha, Inc., the organizing committee started in 1967. The non-profit organization has roots going back to “the first CWS in Omaha in 1950.”

So, how does it work? 

This tournament is held annually, with the exception of this past year due to COVID-19. The National Collegiate Athletic Association baseball tournament features 64 teams in the first round. This is set up as 16 four-team, double elimination brackets. Each winning team moves on to the super regional. From the 16 teams competing in the super regional, eigh move on to play in the actual College World Series Tournament. This region is positioned into two four-team brackets where double elimination occurs. The winners of each bracket move onto the championship series. Here they play three games over three consecutive innings to be named the NCAA baseball national champion. 

It is easiest to understand these brackets with a picture. Below is an example of what would have been one half of the 2019 tournament bracket:

Who Has Won the Most Baseball College World Series Championships?

Teams who have won the Baseball College World Series Championships list below (based on the history up until the 2019 series):

University of Southern California (12 wins)

University of Texas (6 wins)

Louisiana State University (6 wins)

Arizona State University (5 wins)

Cal State Fullerton (4 wins)

University of Miami (4 wins)

University of Arizona (4 wins)

University of Minnesota (3 wins)

Oregon State University (3 wins)

University of California (2 wins)

University of Michigan (2 wins)

University of Oklahoma (2 wins)

Stanford University (2 wins)

University of South Carolina (2 wins)

Vanderbilt University (2 wins)

College of Holy Cross (1 win)

University of Missouri (1 win)

Wake Forest University (1 win)

Oklahoma State University (1 win)

Ohio State University (1 win)

Wichita State University (1 win)

University of Georgia (1 win)

Pepperdine University (1 win)

Rice University (1 win)

Fresno State (1 win)

UCLA (1 win)

University of Virginia (1 win)

Coastal Carolina University (1 win)

University of Florida (1 win)

The University of Southern California has won the most Baseball College World Series Championships. While the University has had 12 wins, the team has not won a College World Series Championship since 1998. 

The years USC won the Baseball College World Series Championship:

  • 1948
  • 1958
  • 1961
  • 1963
  • 1968
  • 1970
  • 1971
  • 1972
  • 1973
  • 1974
  • 1978
  • 1998

USC’s first national championship was in the 1948 season. Led by co-head coaches, Sam Barry and Rod Dedeaux, the Trojans battled to win the second College World Series.

The most prominent time in the Trojans’ College World Series run was from 1970 to 1974 when the team had five straight championship wins. Having 6 more wins than the University of Texas and Louisiana State University who is second for having the most Baseball College World Series wins, USC has made its mark on the tournament and the sport altogether.

NCAA Division I Baseball

Whether you are just starting or have been playing for years, collegiate baseball could be in your future. To play at this level, you are expected to have a strong work ethic, a passion for baseball and your team as well as the skill to perform well on the field. 

With 299 Division I baseball programs across the United States, baseball players across the country are fighting for the opportunity to play on the big stage. Securing a spot on a Division I NCAA Baseball team is the first step to achieving a goal of making it to Omaha. 

Final Thoughts

The roaring fans and excitement that you cannot describe. Your team is up to bat. It is the bottom of the ninth, the score is 2-1. You need two runs to clinch the win. The first batter up, he hits a ground-out double. The second batter up, strike 1… strike 2… The crowd is silent, the batter takes a breath and steps up to the plate. HOME RUN!!! The crowd is cheering, your team wins in a walk-off. 

This is the dream of every fan, where the suspense and anticipation consume you. The unknown is exciting yet fearful knowing that your team could win it all or leave with a loss. Baseball has become more than a sport. It is a way to bring people together who come from different backgrounds to celebrate one commonality between them all. There is a connection between fans of the same team and whether you know them or not, will be there to celebrate your team when they are victorious. With hard work and dedication, the players you watch in the Baseball College World Series could one day be you. 


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