The 5 Best Baseball Players to Follow on TikTok

In the digital world in which we all live nowadays, you don’t have to go to a baseball game to see your favorite players. You don’t even have to turn on your TV. You can get your daily dose of baseball by following professional players on TikTok! Many MLB and MiLB baseball players have created TikTok accounts where they post footage from their games, share tips for other players, participate in trends, and more!


With TikTok, you get an inside look into the daily lives of the professional players who choose to share. You can easily connect with these players more than you ever could by watching a game or liking their picture on Instagram. Following baseball players on TikTok is also a great way to learn more about the sport and find out what it’s like to play at the professional level.


Here are the top players we recommend you follow. Based on their posting frequency and their content quality, we guarantee that following them will be a good time. If you’re a baseball player, a fan, or both, you need to add some of these pro players to your following feed.


  1. Ryan Weiss, @ryanmweiss


Ryan Weiss is a pitcher for the Reno Aces in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. He posts on his TikTok daily, mostly clips of his performance in games and advice for other baseball players. He’s constantly giving his personal tips for pitchers looking to increase velocity and improve accuracy and consistency in their throwing. Lately, he’s been sharing the specific exercises he does before he throws.


Weiss also makes a bunch of videos explaining the recruitment process for college baseball and the MLB draft. So, if you’re a young baseball player who wants to play in college and possibly on the professional level, you should follow him to keep up with his content!


If you have a specific question about pitching or baseball in general, you can ask Weiss in the comment section of his videos! He’s constantly replying to comments and sometimes even makes a video reply to give a more in-depth answer. He also uses the Q&A feature on his TikTok account. If someone else has already had and asked your question, you can easily find it there!


Weiss puts in the effort to be as open as possible on his TikTok platform. He occasionally posts “Day in the Life of an MiLB Pitcher” videos, where he shows his followers a sneak peek into the everyday life of a professional athlete. One thing that makes Weiss stand out is how he’s a passionate advocate for mental health. He talks openly about his mental health advocacy and its relation to sports.


Follow for:

  • Pitching advice
  • Recruitment tips
  • Day in the Life vlogs
  • Game footage 
  • Mental health advocacy


2. Tucker Davidson, @tucktuck


 Tucker Davidson is a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He posts twice a week at the minimum and often posts more. He recently suffered an arm injury from pitching in a game, but that hasn’t stopped him from posting! Now he’s sharing the mobility and strength exercises he’s doing as part of his recovery. We usually never get to see what it’s like to recover from an injury, but with TikTok, we’re afforded an inside look.


In addition to his recovery process, Davidson shares footage of his favorite plays and gives pitching tips. He usually chooses clips of his wildest plays--moments that will make you say, “Wowww.” He recently uploaded a video where he showed his pitch grips for his fastball, slider, and curveball. He also has a series on his account called “Stadium Tours,” where he gives an on-field perspective for various baseball stadiums around the country.


Follow for:

  • Injury recovery process
  • Mobility and strength exercises
  • Stadium tours
  • Game footage
  • Pitching advice


 3. Kyle Muller, @kyle_muller


Kyle Muller is another pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, and he just moved up from the minor league to the MLB. His current TikTok content is very interesting because he’s been posting all of his firsts of playing in the MLB. He shared his first MLB strikeout, his first MLB win, and his first time batting against New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom. By posting on TikTok, he’s saved all of these pinnacle moments in his career for him and his fans to be able to look back on.


Muller posts regularly, about twice a week, if not more. He posts game footage and clips from training. In a lot of his videos, he shows various weight-lifting exercises for pitchers. If you’re looking for tips for strengthening your body as a pitcher, add Muller to your feed!


He also shares travel day vlogs and gives his followers a look inside the hotels pro players stay at when they travel for away series. These videos plus the snippets of moments with his friends and teammates he posts as well give you an all-around personal look into what his life is like as an MLB pitcher.


Follow for:

  • New-to-MLB content
  • Weight-lifting exercises
  • Game footage
  • Travel day vlogs
  • Personal life tidbits


4. Chris Muller, @chris_muller32 


Chris Muller is a pitcher for the Bowling Green Hot Rods in the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He’s actually the brother of Kyle Muller! The Mullers’ TikTok game is strong.


This Muller’s TikTok is filled with mostly videos from training, practices, and games. His page gives you a sneak peek into what it’s like for a pro athlete at practices and during training. He has multiple videos of him training with Driveline Baseball and their plyoballs.


In early June, Muller had one of his videos go viral! The TikTok garnered over a million views. He showed his transformation physically and pitching-wise from 2014, when he was a senior in high school, all the way to 2021, pitching in the MiLB.


Follow for:

  • Game footage
  • Training clips
  • Driveline content
  • Plyoball exercises


 5. Evan Mendoza, @evan_mendoza


Evan Mendoza is an infielder for the Memphis Redbirds in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Unlike the other baseball players on this list, Mendoza rarely posts footage from his games. If he does, he uses it to take part in a TikTok trend or as part of a joke. He is quite the jokester and is always participating in the latest trend.


You can count on Mendoza posting to his TikTok almost daily. In addition to trends and jokes, he also posts “Day in the Life - Pro Baseball Edition” videos. Even if you aren’t watching one of his Day in the Life videos, you still feel like you’re experiencing his everyday life by following his account. He shares fun things he does with his teammates in their downtime, showing that the life of a MiLB baseball player isn’t all work--there’s still play.


Like Tucker Davidson, Mendoza also shows his followers around different baseball stadiums in the U.S. But Mendoza goes beyond the field and stands and gives a backstage tour of the locker rooms and the player premises in all of these stadiums.


With such a fun personality and frequent posting, Mendoza is a must-follow when it comes to pro baseball players.


Follow for:

  • TikTok trends
  • Day in the Life vlogs
  • Locker room fun
  • Stadium tours
  • High-energy character


Want More Baseball? Follow the Teams!


Social media gives baseball fanatics so many new ways to experience their favorite sport. Following professional players, especially on TikTok, gives you a look into their everyday lives of training and traveling for baseball, and of course, playing baseball. If you miss a game, you can count on these players to upload their highlights to their TikTok accounts. You also get the chance to interact with them in the comments and ask them questions!


Following the social media accounts of baseball players is so fun because it feels very personal. These players show that they’re not strictly all business all the time. Through TikTok, they can show their followers the fun moments outside of game time.


Professional baseball players aren’t the only ones with interesting social media accounts. Every MLB and MiLB baseball team has a social media account of some sort. Some even have a TikTok account. Sometimes even the mascots of these teams have social media pages! College baseball programs also have fun social media platforms you should check out.


Whether you want to keep up with your favorite players and teams or are looking for baseball tips, you can find the accounts that will make your social media experience better. Now go! Click that follow button!