Top 11 Best College Baseball Camps To Attend

Every young player dreams of playing their favorite sport for as long as possible. This can start as playing on a select league team as a child, continuing for your town in high school, leading into college ball, and maybe even getting to be a professional. This is not the case for many players, though. Every player has their path, with different beginnings and endings along the way. 

College Baseball Camps

For America's favorite pastime players, a must-do along the route is a college baseball camp. Even if your baseball journey does not continue after you graduate high school, a college camp must be on your baseball bucket list. This post will break down some of the best that you can attend, so choose wisely!

Many of our favorite picks are at schools with high college baseball reputations. Many of these schools have won titles and shown outstanding records in the past decade. Check out What Colleges Have Won The Most Baseball College World Series Championships and see if you can find any of these schools on the list (spoiler: you should be able to). This talent trickles down into their baseball camps as well, thankfully. You can say you got a "part of the team" experience. Our top eleven picks for the best college baseball camps to attend are:

  1. Vanderbilt Baseball High School Prospect Camp at Vanderbilt University 
  2. Become a Tiger Camp at Louisiana State University
  3. Arizona State Baseball Academy at Arizona State University
  4. TCU Experience Showcase at Texas Christian University
  5. Titan Baseball Academy at California State University, Fullerton
  6. Ole Miss Summer Baseball Camp at the University of Mississippi
  7. Half-Day Prospect Camp at Mississippi State University
  8. Mike Martin Jr. Summer Prospect Camp at Florida State University
  9. High School Prospect Camp at the University of Arkansas
  10. Mizzou Future Tigers Camp at the University of Missouri 
  11. Alex Sogard High School/JUCO Player Prospect Camp at Wright State University

It is clear by looking at the previous list why these are our favorite choices for camps. Every school listed is known for its baseball program and is led by a fantastic coaching staff. Some are for prospects; others are just to learn and have fun! Either way, all of these baseball camps are for high school-aged players looking to better and show off their skills. 

1.Vanderbilt Baseball High School Prospect Camp

The High School Prospect Camp at Vanderbilt University is usually a five-day camp, Monday through Friday. The camp focuses on the fundamentals of the game and caters to all positions. The central location for all instruction is Hawkins Field, the home stadium for the Vanderbilt Commodores, and a couple of the adjacent practice fields. The typical daily schedule includes position practice and gameplay to get instruction that is personalized to their game and in-game practice. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch every day of the camp, allowing everyone to experience a little bit of this SEC baseball powerhouse. 

2.Become a Tiger Camp (LSU)

It should come as no surprise that the Louisiana State Baseball Camp is on our list. LSU is known for many of its athletics programs, and its competitive baseball team is one of the popular choices. LSU's Become a Tiger Camp intends to allow high school players to experience LSU Tiger Baseball while learning and improving their game. To do this, the camp is led by the LSU Baseball coaching staff, and campers get to move into a locker in the LSU locker room for the three-day camp. Not only do players get to improve their skills by learning from the LSU coaches, but they also get a seminar to learn about what it takes to play baseball in college. For a prospective high school player who does not know where to start, the information given is beneficial. 

3.Arizona State Baseball Academy

We have the Arizona State University Baseball Academy on this list because, at the camp, the coaches really strive to provide players with skills that will make them be better all-around players. They do not just focus on the physical skills each position needs to improve and the mental and strategic skills every great baseball player should possess. Another significant aspect of Arizona State Baseball Academy is that multiple different camps you can attend, depending on your position and what you want to improve on. For instance, there is an all-around Showcase Camp for any high school player looking to get that college coach exposure as well as separate pitching and hitting camps for more specialized skill training. 

4.TCU Experience Showcase

Texas Christian University's Experience Showcase is the only Big 12 camp we have included on our list. Baseball might not be what you think of when you imagine the Big 12 schools, but it can be promised that the baseball camp at TCU will not disappoint. In true TCU fashion, along with excellent skills and practice in front of college coaches and scouts, players also get to go on a campus tour with a TCU coach while at camp. Players will get to improve their specific position skills as well as in-game situations. On top of that, attendees will receive instruction about the college baseball experience and the recruiting process. This is a great camp to attend if you are looking for opportunities to improve your game and get prepared for the operation of playing college baseball. 

5.Titan Baseball Academy (California State, Fullerton)

California State University at Fullerton might not be a big name, but they pack a punch when it comes to the sport of baseball. Titan Baseball Academy is a must for any player wanting to prepare themselves for college ball. The camp caters to all field positions and works on batting and game situations as well. This is the perfect opportunity for well-rounded players to learn a little bit of everything. Drills and practice run by the Titan coaching staff are exactly what a good player needs to be great. 

6.Ole Miss Summer Baseball Camp

Who wants to have a sleepover at Ole Miss? Good news if you do, Ole Miss allows attendees to stay on campus during the duration of the camp! Ole Miss Summer Baseball Camps allow every one of the players to get as much of the college baseball experience as possible while still getting outstanding instruction! You want to make sure you get your money's worth, and this camp will not fail you. Good news for all the summer league players out there, Ole Miss has options for half-day and half-week camps! This means no missed tournaments or practices! Campers can choose a 'morning only' option and attend all drills and aspects from the morning session and be able to be on their way by noon. On top of everything, campers get to participate in a camp in one of the best collegiate baseball stadiums in the country. 

7.Half-Day Prospect Camp (Mississippi State)

There must be something in the water in Mississippi that makes great baseball programs. Sign us up for the next taste. Mississippi State has always been an SEC baseball powerhouse, and that title trickles its way down into its athletics camps as well. The Half-Day Prospect Camp at Mississippi State University is set up to work on collegiate skills. It follows a pro-workout style, and the Bulldogs' coaching staff does not play when it comes to instruction and practice. Going through skills and drills that the Mississippi State Bulldogs do themselves, campers will leave this camp feeling ready for college ball.  

8.Mike Martin Jr. Summer Prospect Camp (Florida State)

The Mike Martin Jr. Summer Prospect Camp at Florida State University is an excellent camp for players who want specific and targeted training in their positions. This one-day camp has three sessions, including a pitching and catching session. Players can attend one, two, or all three sessions, depending on their desired instruction. The Florida State coaching staff makes sure to provide each athlete with skill improvement techniques and in-depth coaching on each skill. An exciting aspect of this camp is that there are also information sessions about the best approaches to each position and hitting and general game situations. The camp day schedule allows for a competitive showcase setup, meaning that as the campers are practicing, they also showcase their skills to the Florida State coaching staff. 

9.High School Prospect Camp (Arkansas)

If your goal is to get very in-depth, specific training for your position only, then the baseball camps at the University of Arkansas need to be your first stop. There are different camps for each position that includes hitting practice as well as position instruction. If you are interested in an all-around camp to get closer to the Arkansas coaches, then the High School Prospect Camp is for you. This camp is known for its previous attendees, as many of them are now playing in the MLB or are MLB veterans. Imagine attending a camp that is known for future professional players. That seems like a reason on its own to participate in this camp. Another reason should be the University of Arkansas' insane baseball reputation. There should be no question that this camp will prepare any player with the skills necessary to extend their baseball career into college. 

10.Mizzou Future Tigers Camp

Another one of our picks for top college baseball camps to attend is the Mizzou Future Tigers Camp at the University of Missouri. This camp is vital for any player looking to play baseball at Mizzou, as it is the perfect opportunity to showcase skills and potential in front of the Mizzou Tigers coaching staff. Do not overlook the true purpose of this camp, though, which is to improve your game. While this is a showcase-style camp, the coaches make sure to instruct each player and are dedicated to improving each athlete's game that attends. The camp is open to players of all positions from 7th- 12th grade. The Mizzou baseball camp will surely produce a strong player that is knowledgeable about the college game. Getting a shot to prove yourself to a line of collegiate coaches is a pretty good product as well, though. 

11.Alex Sogard High School/JUCO Player Prospect Camp

Our last addition to our top college baseball camps list is the Alex Sogard Player Prospect Camp at Wright State University. Now, we did not just add this to our list out of bias or because Ryan Weiss was once a star pitcher there, though we did purposely save the best for last. This camp offers intense individual position and hitting instruction packed into a one-day collegiate experience. The staff also focuses heavily on the college baseball game experience, preparing every player with the skills to extend their baseball career. The camp is named after a 2021 Collegiate National Team coaching staff member. Believe us when we say that it is no joke. 


Every player dreams of stepping into a college setting to play their favorite sport. For baseball players, this experience can be tasted by attending a college baseball camp. This might even lead to playing in college, maybe even for a team that hosted one of your camps. At the end of the day, though, you do it for the love of the game and to be better. These camps are a key part of the channel between high school baseball and college baseball. For more information on the rest of the components to playing baseball in college, check out How To Get Recruited To Play Baseball In College

If you want more coaching outside of these camps, be sure to look at Ryan Weiss' coaching programs! They are tailored to meet your needs as a player as well as improve your game overall.